Our highly qualified and experienced team offer a comprehensive range of environmental services related to quarrying, waste disposal/recycling and construction industries.

Typical environmental services range from sampling/analysis of groundwater and leachate at landfill sites, or soils for potential contamination at a brownfield development site, to impact assessment from proposed development as part of a planning application.

A full range of services are provided and include:

  • In-situ landfill gas monitoring
  • Groundwater and surface water sampling and analysis
  • Leachate sampling and analysis
  • Dust deposition monitoring
  • In-site petrochem analysis (contaminated land)
  • Nuclear density gauge (NDG) testing
Groundwater sampling
  • Noise monitoring
  • Landfill gas monitoring
  • Landfill gas balancing
  • Flame ionization detector (FID) monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring reports
  • Monitoring in accordance to landfill technical guidance
Environmental monitoring

As part of our Environmental Services, Silkstone provide Noise Impact Assessments and noise modelling prediction work. Using specialist noise modelling software (SoundPLAN), our team can produce full 3D noise prediction simulations for noise generated during site development and proposed future industrial activities.

By inputting noise sources, plant numbers and type, the sound level data of each specific item of plant plus ground conditions (Hard or Soft) and property locations in closest proximity into SoundPLAN, a 3D model can be generated based on current topographical data purchased from the Ordnance Survey.

The software calculates all the combined activities along with other variables which calculates the predicted noise from the development to the nearby noise sensitive receptors. Results can then be displayed graphically by coloured noise contour plans as shown below or in numerical format, specifying the predicted noise in dB(A) for the proposed industrial activities.

This is then followed up by a comprehensive report detailing methodology and schedules of results in accordance with British Standards 5228 and 4142, including reference to local and national planning policies with regards to noise impacts.

Environmental noise modelling prediction across an area